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2411Re: [BackpackGearTest] Whats going on

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  • David Hicks
    May 2, 2001
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      I've seen responses to messages days before the message being responded to.

      However, it is not just this list. So, I suspect part, maybe a major part,
      of the problem is my ISP.

      I am getting more and more messages out of sequence -- some up to three
      days. For example, I will see some replies long before I see the beginning
      of the thread, or earlier replies.

      Now I believe that Email is still a "store and forward" technology and when
      a server doesn't get through it often holds the message for some time before
      trying again. So, I think I know what is happening, but not where -- as
      different messages take different routes from and to the same ISPs.

      However, I was wondering if other folk were experiencing an increase in the
      same type of "messages out of sequence." If not, I suspect that my ISP
      (USIT / OneMain / EarthLink) may be having more congestion than its hardware
      and connection to the "net" itself can handle -- albeit the dial-in modem
      access is doing OK on the no-busy signal or dropped lines problems they were
      having before.

      Any experts out there have any advise? Time to switch ISPs?


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      > I knew Jerry was having problems with some of his messages not
      > showing up untill much later (sometimes the next day). I sent 2
      > replies in the past hour and they havent shown up. This is a test to
      > see if this will go through. Anyone else having this problem.
      > Coy Boy
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