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23567EDIT - CHERI - Re: [BackpackGearTest] Owner Review: Magellan Sport Trak GPS

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  • Andrew Priest
    Feb 1 2:57 AM
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      Hi Cheri

      You have picked an item to review, which can be both easy and hard to write
      about it. As your review stands, it really lacks any depth, when the
      opportunity is there to provide a lot more. I suggest you (a) fix-up the
      points that I have mentioned below, (b) pick out a number of key features
      of the unit, describe those features, how they have worked for you - that
      is your experience with them, e.g., downloading and using MapSend; putting
      in way points and so on; and (c) talk more about your use of the product in
      the field - how does it really work on the ground - tree cover impacts;
      ability to lock on to satellites, actual battery life and so on. Also
      expand more on the basis of your pros and cons.

      Try to think about what you would like to read in this review if you where
      considering buying the product.

      Once you have done some more with this review, please repost here for final
      editing and approval. Keep in mind, the quality of your owner's reviews
      impacts on your chances of being selected as a tester.

      If you have questions or need more help, please just ask and I will try and
      help you.

      List Monitor

      At 10:18 PM 29/01/2003, you wrote:
      >Magellan Sport Trak Pro GPS

      ### Can you please include "Owner's Review" in your title

      >Name: Cheri Tyre-Roberts
      >Age: 42
      >Gender: Female
      >Height: 5’6” (201cm)

      ### You have characters here which I can't interpret. Please post your
      reviews to the list in text format.

      >Weight: 145lbs (65.7kg)
      >Email address: tyrerob@...
      >City, State, Country: Lake Como, Florida USA
      >Backpacking Background: I have been backpacking for over 20 years. The
      >majority of my trips have been 3-6 day trips with “the big one” still
      >looming in my future. I backpack mostly in Florida in extremely hot
      >conditions such as the Florida trail in July, or the North Carolina
      >Mountains. I also backpack with my young children and my Mother on
      >occasion. I pack light but am not obsessed with it as I enjoy some of the
      >“creature comforts”.

      ### Due to the odd ball characters I can't edit this section. Please fix
      up for your repost.

      >Manufacturer: Magellan
      >Year of Manufacture: 2002
      >URL: http://www.magellangps.com
      >Weight: 6.1 oz. /170 grams
      >Size: 2.2in x 5.6in x 1.2in
      >Display size: 2.3in x 1.4in

      ### Metric equivalents are required throughout.

      >MSRP: $299.99
      >The Magellan Sport Trak Pro is a compact, lightweight, weatherproof GPS
      >receiver. It is powered by two AA batteries. The Sport Trak has a 9mb
      >mapping database, and 23mb downloading street-level maps. There are 9
      >large graphic navigation displays with topographic support that allows you
      >to view your 3D position. This allows you to get all of the information
      >you need to get to your destination and back. The Sport Trak comes
      >packages with a PC cable, wrist strap, and 2 AA batteries.
      >The batteries are loaded on the bottom of the unit and held secure and
      >water resistant by a thumbscrew and rubber gasket. This GPS uses a
      >quadifiler helix antenna that tracks up to 12GPS satellites. Is assisted
      >by WAAS and is accurate within 3 meters. Navigation features include map,
      >compass, speedometer, and text readouts of heading, bearing, speed,
      >direction, ETA, and more. The 12 built-in coordinate systems and 76
      >datums include latitude/longitude, Universal Transverse Mercator, and
      >Military Grid Reference System. It has the capability to store 20 routes,
      >500 waypoints and 2,000 track-points. Another feature allows you to save
      >track to routes converting track points into easily read routes. If you
      >also have the Magellan software you can transfer these routes to a PC with
      >the MapSend software (purchased separately). The display shows north even
      >when standing still, shows moon and sun positions, phase of the moon for
      >any date and location in the world. The unit also calculates the time of
      >day that fishing and hunting are likely to be at their best. A constant
      >satellite statues window is also included in the navigation area.

      ### "statues" should be "status."

      > The Sport Track Pro has a backlit display that can be turned off or on
      > to conserve battery power, multiple language support, and comes with a
      > 1-year warranty.
      >Field Information:
      >The Magellan Sport Trak was testing hiking in Central Florida in excess of
      >12 different day trips and one extended backpack trip.

      ### "testing" should be "tested."

      > It was also tested on two kayak trips one on the West Coast of Florida
      > and the other in North Central Florida.

      ### A comma is need after "trips."

      >The terrain was varied, sandy, swampy, rocky, rural, urban, on water.

      ### "and" should be between "urban AND on."

      >I am not an instruction manual person so I read enough of the included
      >manual to turn it on and then took to the woods. The use is very
      >intuitive so I had no problem figuring out its functions. I have used
      >this GPS extensively to map hiking trails in a new state park that is near
      >my home. I use the MapSend software to download the GPS track points to
      >my PC and have developed really cool maps for future hiking trails. I
      >have used the waypoint feature to mark and store sites of interest,
      >geologically, tracks, and artifacts, act.

      ### You have "act" at the end of this sentence. I am not sure as to what
      you are trying to say here.

      >On both kayak trips the GPS was really fun…even popping up with the name
      >of a marina that we were looking for!

      ### Foreign characters here.

      >It tracked speed over water and distance tracts so accurately that we
      >could see areas that we drifted while observing Manatees.

      ### Drifted by?

      > The backtrack feature is really nice for foggy conditions or
      > directionally impaired individuals. The Sport Trak is lightweight,
      > easily fitting into pants pockets. The accuracy is off by approx 30 feet
      > when only 2-3 satellites are located such as under heavy leaf canopy or
      > cloudy weather.

      ### Metric equivalent please.

      > The battery have been lasting me an average of 12 hours without the
      > backlit feature. I have not used the backlit feature but the manual
      > warns that battery usage is quite a bit higher. When the battery gets
      > low the unit beeps and a warning screen appears…I change batteries then
      > and have not lost any data.
      >On a backpacking trip having the Sport Trak allowed us to find higher
      >ground and avoid “sloshing” back through the swamp. On another trip I
      >was able to find a shorter more scenic route to a spring and avoid the
      >mapped jeep trail.

      ### More foreign characters.

      >The Magellan Sport Trak Pro GPS unit is lightweight, rugged, accurate, and
      >easy to use. The battery life is acceptable when the backlit feature is
      >not used.

      ### What is the battery life? Try to avoid statements like this unless you
      back them up with actual figures. What is acceptable to you maybe not be
      acceptable to someone elese.

      > I feel that the Sport Trak has all of the features of a much more
      > expensive unit and does anything a hiker, biker, boater would need. I
      > purchased mine from Wal-Mart and paid about $50 less that MSRP.

      ### You are expressing an opinion here, which is what we would call
      "projecting", i.e., you are making decisions about what others
      "need." What you should do instead is provide a comprehensive review,
      which allows others to make the decision for themselves.

      >Things I like:
      > Easy to use
      > Light easy to carry, fits in pocket
      > Large easy to read screen
      > Ability to load detailed regional maps from PC
      >Things I don’t like:

      ### Foreign characters.

      > Not intuitive enough about deleting tracks
      > Battery usage
      > Needs to have a scratch resistant screen

      Aushiker: Hiking in Western Australia - http://aushiker.com

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