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21688Re: [BackpackGearTest] Happy New Gear

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  • jetriple@rockwellcollins.com
    Jan 2, 2003
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      Leesa (and everyone...)

      Congrats on the GPS. I also so received a goody... which may not be gear
      related, is certainly BGT related. A digital camera. It is an Olympus
      C-4000 Zooom and I am thrilled that I will now be able to include pictures
      in my reports. I just bought an additional 128MB memory card for it on
      eBay, so I should be pretty much set. Now I just need to get the software
      loaded on my (home) PC and confirm that I can move the pictures from the
      camera to the computer. That may have to be later rather than sooner,
      though, as I am boxing all my earthly possessions for moving to my new
      house next week. Now we just need some snow around here! (Hopefully after
      the move. Sorry.) Went to the St. Louis Zoo on the 31st in shirt sleeves.
      69 degrees!

      -James T.

      Leesa Joiner [BackpackGearTest] Happy New Gea

      01/02/2003 02:46
      Please respond to

      Hope everyone's New Year is off to a healthy start. We got snow and
      ice during the night- added to the 18" on the ground already- so we had
      another day off from school/work!!

      We bought my husband's uncle a pair of Stabilicers for Christmas- he
      called to say how well the worked- both for shoveling snow and while he
      was ice fishing. He is NOT an easy person to buy for, these seemed to
      be appreciated though. The snowshoes we bought are great fun- I've
      also discovered muscles (or lack of) in many surprising places!! I
      finally had the chance to learn a little more about my GPS- I'll write
      an owner review soon.

      It's been so quite during the bgt 'vacation', I actually had to clean
      house!! Leesa
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