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21684EDIT - FIELD TEST REPORT: GoLite Trek pack

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  • Alex Tweedly
    Jan 2, 2003
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      One other tiny change ....

      At 10:28 01/01/2003 -0700, Will & Janet wrote:
      >GoLiteTrek Pack Field Test Report
      >Date: 12/31/2002

      >I am delighted to say that, so far, the Trek pack meets my expectations in
      >all respects (see previous section for discussion). It packs well, fits
      >well, is just the right size for my needs, carries moderate loads (20-30#
      >= 19.1-13.6 kg) very comfortably, and is sufficiently durable for
      >off-trail use. The pack design works very well for the 20-30# (19.1-13.6
      >kg) weight range. I will continue to use the pack as much as I can for the
      >next four months and update my impressions in my long-term field test

      The conversions here have a typo - should be 9.1-13.6, not 19.1-13.6. That
      extra "1" slipped in at the start, although the same conversion was correct
      earlier in the report.

      -- Alex.
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