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204Re: [backpackgeartest] Re: Digest Number 30

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  • Robert Stanley
    Oct 18 1:11 PM
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      Your 3 mandatory report system seems more than fair, and actually seems
      extremely reasonable considering the benefits of being exposed to new
      cutting edge gear!

      I think a simple "Report Outline" based on your email below, should be
      handed out with every product. Possibly adding a section on specific areas
      that the manufacturer would like to hear about (if there are any specifics).

      Also maybe something to consider would be a "consent to comply" email that
      would need to be returned with an "I agree" before anyone would be
      considered for testing.

      I truly think this group has good potential for both us the testers and for
      the manufacturers, the process just needs to be fine tuned.

      Thanks for starting this Jerry, please don't loose heart this early in the

      Rob Stanley

      P.S. -

      I also would greatly like to be included on the Hennessy testing (current
      owner of the original), and will have no problems testing it in a timely
      fashion, nor on reporting my results.... Scouts honor ; )

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      Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2000 2:40 PM
      Subject: Re: [backpackgeartest] Re: Digest Number 30

      > I remember the incident now. I believe that was Clark (The Jungle
      Hammock). He is in Salt Lake City. I contacted them myself. Never heard
      anymore about it. It was definitely NOT Hennessy. The only thing Hennessy
      expects in return is posted reports, good, bad or indifferent, about their
      hammocks. They want to know if and how well it addresses the wants and needs
      of the target user and they want exposure for a new product. I don't think
      they are worried about bad reports. Tom has offered 6 of his new Light
      Weight Backpacker models for testing. They weight 1 pound 8 oz. They are
      currently making the flys for them and don't expect to have any available
      for testing for about 2 weeks. As I get along with Tom Hennessy very well, I
      would be willing to try it again. I know people got ticked when I expressed
      my dismay at the lack of reports. As they don't have to try to talk
      manufacturers into giving one to two thousand dollars worth of gear to
      people they don't know in hopes they will get usable feedback and exposure
      I'm sure it is an easy criticism to make. If we proceed with this it would
      have to be with the understanding that AT LEAST 3 reports are required from
      EVERY tester. The first report would be sent immediately upon receipt of the
      gear. It would just have to state that the gear was received and what
      condition it was received in. It would also tell if the product was complete
      with all necessary components and instructions. The second report would have
      to be posted within 3 days of receipt of the gear. It would cover first
      impressions, easy of assembly, set up, or what ever was required by the
      instructions for first use. It would comment on the instructions themselves,
      both their clarity and completeness. The third report would have to be
      posted within 30 days. It would cover at least one trip actually using the
      piece of gear. It would cover the testers reaction, good or bad. Such things
      as ease of use, how well the gear performed its function, how different or
      better/worse it performed that function compar!
      > !
      > ed to other similar gear used in the past by the tester. Any pros or cons
      would have to be supported by specific statements so we could all understand
      why it did or didn't work. Obviously, a tester could post as many reports as
      they liked but these three basics would be required. What do you all think
      about creating some kind of form for each of these reports using check boxes
      or what ever to make it easy? If these requirements seem unreasonable then
      maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I can't see how I can get manufacturers
      to cooperate with out these minimum reports. This is not a list for general
      discussion on backpacking or trips. There are other lists, some mentioned,
      that do that job much better. I belong to some of them myself. This list is
      just for testing and reporting on new gear, period. If there are no reports
      there is no point in the list.
      > Jerry
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      > From: Gerry Gladu
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      > Subject: [backpackgeartest] Re: Digest Number 30
      > "Gear Tester" <geartester@h...> wrote:
      > >> From: Orange Bug
      > >>
      > >> The hammock offer has been made in the past in a way that has
      > >> suggested spamming to seek interest in a product on other lists.
      > > ?? not sure I understand what you mean about spamming.
      > I think that this refers to the email offer that Hennessy sent out
      > earlier this year that was generated from the member lists of
      > BackpackingLight and other lists that allowed you to test their
      > hammock, file a report, then buy the hammock at a reduced price if
      > you liked it. Or something like that. I forget the details.
      > Gerry
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