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19220RE: [BackpackGearTest] Explanation of Late/Early Reports

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    Nov 1, 2002
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      No explanation is necessary. You did what you had to do. In the grand
      scheme of things, BGT isn't that important. I'm sorry for your loss. I
      agree the way such situations are handle by doctors, hospitals, and the
      government constitutes cruel and unusual punishment for those only crime
      was to fall into their power. The people that frighten me the most are
      the ones that know the Truth. They are dangerous. I hope the camping
      helped. It has always helped me. You were missed. Glad you're back.
      There isn't much else to say.

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      Subject: [BackpackGearTest] Explanation of Late/Early Reports

      I figure an explanation for my late, then early reports is needed.

      On September 18th my 89 year-old father-in-law, Dad, had a fall and
      suffered a stroke. My husband was hiking the PCT and I was able to
      contact him in Skycomish, WA. He flew to Wisconsin to see his Dad and I
      flew out the next day. As it turned out, Dad, by nods and hand squeezes
      told my husband to get himself back on the trail and finish, so Larry
      and I passed in the air. I stayed overnight and flew home to put my
      affairs in order and got word that Dad had asked for his IV to be
      removed shortly after I left. I was home for only a few hours before
      jumping in the car and driving back, practically non stop, with my dogs.
      The person I had caring for them had not done a good job.

      Dad, with all six of his children by his side, passed away on October
      4th after starving to death. His brain was active and sharp to the end.
      I am still so angry and tearful as I write this I don't think the
      sadness of the way he was forced to die will ever go away. He was a
      wonderful man.

      Returning home after the funeral, I took my time and camped out along
      the way. By the time I got home it felt like an eternity had passed and
      I knew I was late with All my reports and I didn't really care, though I
      did manage to write one. Instead of reading mail and getting organized
      I went camping at the last place Dad had visited when he was out here.
      I spent two nights, hiked myself silly, cried buckets and talked to Dad.

      When I got home to stay I threw myself into writing reports which turned
      out to be very early reports. The due dates for the reports had got all
      jumbled up in my head, and even though I now know the due dates it still
      feels like everything just has to be late. How could so little time
      have passed.

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