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19199RE: [BackpackGearTest] Re: Manufacturer links (was Platy Reviews and CD link thoughts)

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    Oct 31, 2002
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      As a note, Cascade Designs doesn't have multiple products...they have
      multiple companies that produce multiple products.

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      > How do we want to handle manufacturers like Cascade Designs that
      > have multiple products?

      It is an interesting question. It could be argued that most
      companies have multiple products. TNF, Granite Gear, Integral
      Designs, etc. I think what's unique about CD is that they treat
      their product lines like seperate brands, and CD as the parent

      > For example, I just found out today that Cascade Designs bought
      > MSR from REI last year.

      Yeah - I didn't even know that REI owned MSR until a few months
      back. And, MSR bought Walrus... I think it was Walrus at least...
      some niche tent manufacturer.

      Actually, REI owned MSR, Walrus, and Moss for some time. Walrus and Moss
      were falling apart. Those two companies were turned over to MSR to
      absorb into MSR in an, I assume, economy move. Within a year or so, REI
      sold MSR, now also comprising the mostly digested Walrus and Moss, to
      Cascade Designs. As I understand it, MSR was almost as big as Cascade
      Designs so MSR has been allowed to remain a bit more autonomous than the
      other companies Cascade Designs owns....for the moment, anyway.

      This opens another dilemma... as MSR has traditionally been a
      strong, standalone, company in terms of public perception. Should
      we "hide" MSR under Cascade Designs, just because of a corporate
      merger? Perhaps we should just make arbitrary decisions, based
      on "perception" of the product itself. Is it merely a line of
      products under the corporate logo, or a brand unto itself...
      irrespective of who the parent company may be.

      ### We'll probably list all of them separately. You'd be surprised at
      the companies in our industry that are owned by the same parent

      Take the auto industry. If you want to buy a Volvo or a Jaguar, do
      you think you're buying a Ford? Is a SAAB a Chevy? Some brands are
      strong enough, due to history or perception, to stand alone.

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