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19183Manufacturer links (was Platy Reviews and CD link thoughts)

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  • m_factor@backpackgeartest.org
    Oct 31, 2002
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      Hi Andy,

      Keep in mind, this is a list of manufacturer's links, not product links.

      When adding the manufacturers, I've been trying to take a very even handed
      approach. The manufacturer's name always end's up being the link - even if
      the name is different than the product we've tested. I try to use the
      manufacturer's own "language" when possible as the description but will put
      the name or desciption of their products in if there's no appropriate "sound
      bite" on their web site.

      Cascade Designs was probably one of the first manufacturers included in the
      links on the yahoo site. Those links were brought over and populated
      automatically on the new site. I have not revisited them since we moved to
      the new web site.

      Now that a manufacturer like Cascade Designs has multiple entry points to
      their web site, it's probably a good time to revisit our manufacturers links
      pages. How do we want to handle manufacturers like Cascade Designs that
      have multiple products? We can only list so many individual products on the
      description line. And those lists keep changing. For example, I just found
      out today that Cascade Designs bought MSR from REI last year. Keeping up
      with changes like this would be a nightmare. But, do we want to list the
      same manufacturer multiple times? I'm not crazy about that idea.

      An index by product names would be a fantastic resource but probably
      unworkable. What would it include? Only those items we've tested or have
      owner reports for? Not very useful in my book. Anything more would be too
      much work.

      I'm hoping that as our reviews listing grows, those reviews will become an
      index of sorts for the products being sold by the manufacturers we've
      listed. I'm guessing that someone interested in a Therm-a-rest is likely to
      visit the reviews to read about them before going to the manufacturer. The
      reviews list the manufacturer's name (and should also have the web site).

      So, any other ideas are welcome for how to handle links.

      Also, this is just a reminder that I rely on YOU for help keeping this list
      up to date. I am quite certain it is up to date as of the move to bgt. If
      you know of any other manufacturers with reviews listing on this lite that
      aren't in the links listing, please let me know ASAP and I'll update the
      list. Just send me the name of the company, the URL, and for reference if
      approrpiate, the product they manufacture.

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      From: Andy Mytys <amytys@...>
      To: <BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 1:19 PM
      Subject: [BackpackGearTest] Platy Reviews and CD link thoughts

      > I recall seeing a request for Platy and Therm-A-Rest owner reviews
      > earlier this month.
      > I will be posting my extensive Platy review tonight. I looked at the
      > BGT.org site under hydration systems and noticed that, since August,
      > there havn't been any Platy entries... what happened to the owner
      > reviews that Jerry asked for? Did everyone just do the Therm-A-Rest?
      > Also, with regards to the "Manufacturers Links" page, Cascade Designs
      > has the description "Therm-a-Rest, Platypus, SweetWater, etc."
      > Shouldn't we get rid of the "etc." and just spell out their other
      > products (e.g. PackTowl, SealLine, Tracks)?
      > I for one didn't even know that Cascade Designs made PackTowls until
      > I was looking for product info and noticed that www.packtowl.com
      > didn't work (today it does, and forwards you to the CD site BTW).
      > Anyway, the point is that someone could hit our list, looking for
      > PackTowl info and not even know that Cascade Designs is the company.
      > There's no specific link for "PackTowl", and doing a search
      > for "PackTowl" on the screen comes up empty too.
      > Putting such product "family" info in the "Cascade Design"
      > description would fix this issue.
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