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16847Clark Jungle Hammock Monitor Report

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  • Michael Wheiler
    Sep 2, 2002
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      Date: September 2, 2002

      This is the monthly monitor report for the Clark Jungle Hammock test series. Sorry for the late post. For some reason I thought I last posted in August but in checking the files, my last post was actually July 31.

      All Initial Reports are complete.

      All Field Test Reports have been uploaded. I did ask John Meyer to add some information to his report:
      (1) Where did he test the hammock, i.e., the location, elevation, weather, etc. and (2) (If possible) three things he liked about the hammock and three things he disliked--though in re-reading the report there were a number of dislikes stated in the body of the report. In checking the report today, those items have still not been added to the field report. I'm not certain where we ended up on the MSRP in the report. I know there were a lot of threads and I believe it was finally agreed that the MSRP could remain in the report. If that is true, then John can ignore that part of my prior e-mail.

      The completed reports can be read at:


      The long term report is due November 19, 2002.

      Thanks testers.


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