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16811Re: [BackpackGearTest] Hennessy Hammock-Explorer Ultralite A-Sym

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  • wsm311@aol.com
    Aug 31 7:09 PM
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      > I'm playing with a AirCore mat and a windshield
      > protector and/or 3/8 foam pad to see how far that will go. I've had HH
      > out in below zero weather. I hate having to stomp down all that snow for
      > a tent.
      > Jerry

      WOW!!! You are incredibly brave to be out in a hammock in the winter. Forget
      about AirCore.....you are hard core!! Back in the 70's when backpacking stuff
      was strictly mail-order and before EMS became yuppified, I bought an EMS down
      bag good for way below zero. It cost several week's worth of pay from the
      local burger joint.

      One trip I slept under a tarp and almost froze, even in my spiffy bag with an
      ensolite pad. After that it was a nice, cozy tent, with snow banked all
      around it ;-) How the heck do you keep warm on the TOP? I can understand
      putting scads of insulation under you, but that leaves a lot of body parts
      hanging in the breeze! Brrrrrrrrr.........

      Wendy (wsm311@...)
      Peace and Carrots Farm

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