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16807Re: [BackpackGearTest] Hennessy Hammock-Explorer Ultralite A-Sym

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  • Helen Hillberg
    Aug 31, 2002
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      Hi Wendy

      For temperatures below 40F I settled on a full-length, closed-cell, foam pad and a toasty-warm sleeping bag. The other options just haven't panned out for me. The line of bags from Big Agnes that include a sleep pad sleeve are ideal, don't go with the air core pad though, not enough insulation IMO.


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      My daughter, Heather Martin, is hiking Vermont's Long Trail right now. She
      bought and is sleeping in this same name hammock. I am impressed! ;-) It's
      very light weight and looks comfy. I wish there had been so many neat
      backpacking toys when I was young and agile ;-)

      What do most folks use for insulation when sleeping in one of these hammocks?
      Heather tried out reflectix insulation, a Thermarest, then settled on her
      nylon covered foam pad.

      Wendy (wsm311@...)
      Peace and Carrots Farm

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