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1545Re: [BackpackGearTest] Aqua Mira Review

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  • George Cole
    Apr 3, 2001
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      >>It seems, that we're trying to simulate a giant, city water system with
      something we can carry in our hip pockets. What a task.<<

      Well, maybe not. I sacrificed a spleen to the motorcycle god awhile back,
      and left myself particularly vulnerable to some of the nasties that lurk in
      untreated water. I may have gone over the top, but I use a homemade silk
      muck filter (0.5 ounce), and my Platy Big Zip has a Sweetwater Siltstopper
      (1 ounce) and a SafeWater (roughly 3 ounces, without its steel prefilter)
      installed in-line in the drinking tube. I pour water into the Platy through
      the muck filter, then I add twice the recommended amount of Aqua Mira to the
      de-mucked water. I drink from the tube right away, confident that the
      chlorine dioxide will have already killed the smallest and most vulnerable
      bugs (the ones that might get through the filters), the Siltstopper will
      block any biofilm coated particles bigger than 5 microns, and the Safewater
      will get the rest. As the still active chlorine dioxide solution will be
      drawn through the Siltstopper and into the Safewater, the trapped bugs sould
      get a toxic bath over a period of time sufficient to do them in. I have
      noticed a reduction in the slight but characterisitc taste of the Aqua Mira
      through this rig, so I'm assuming that the Safewater carbon block traps at
      least some of the chlorine dioxide, which I hope reduces any potential
      health hazard. How 'bout it, Dr. Jordan?


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