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15415Re: [BackpackGearTest] Re: Help!!!

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  • Clifford R. Haynes
    Aug 5, 2002
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      Your glasses sound just like the ones I got from LL Bean about 20 years ago.
      They have been my favorite since I got them. Mine also came with a hard case
      that is all but indestructible, mine were even run over by my jeep( they
      were in the case) and survived. I just don't like them for driving because
      the leather side shields interfere with peripheral vision.

      >From: <jetriple@...>
      > I have some glacier glasses I bought from REI about 20 years ago. They
      > have perfectly flat, perfectly round lenses, a leather wrap on the nose
      > guard, and leather side shields. They are pretty cool if I do say so
      > myself. I haven't used them much since I started needing eye-glasses a
      > years ago, but I did use them in Colorado a couple of weeks ago. I had
      > stinging eyes from sunscreen, and the glacier glasses allowed me to stop
      > squinting and the sting went away.
      > -James T.
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