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  • redbike64
    Aug 4, 2002
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      Been there, done that, saw the movie (two pairs of Vaurnets and one
      pair of Sunclouds, and counting). I prefer glass lenses myself,
      because they are more resistant to scratching.

      Bite the bullet and send them to Smith for lens replacement. You
      cannot polish out scratches without also destroying the lens coatings
      (probably a major reason you like them to begin with). From a safety
      standpoint, once glass is scratched it is more susceptable to
      shattering in the future.

      I'm presuming these are gouges you can feel, and not hair-fine little
      scratches. If you want to play around with them anyway, try some
      jeweler's rouge, which is a very fine polishing compound.

      It's hard to find the "perfect" pair of glasses and once you do you
      want to keep them forever.


      --- In BackpackGearTest@y..., "europa1057" <europa1057@y...> wrote:
      > ARGH! I just lost a very dear friend of mine - my Smith Burnside
      > Polarized sunglasses. I got them a little over a year ago and they
      > have been my loyal sun protection eyewear on a daily basis since
      > then. I love them, and I wouldn't dream of replacing them with
      > anything else.
      > Today, disaster struck. I was taking them off as I entered Any
      > Mountain (to check out their Mountain Hardwear sales) and they
      > dropped onto the concrete, lenses down. Now the borosilicate glass
      > lenses are scratched beyond all hope. At least, I think they are.
      > So, two questions:
      > 1. Can any of you work a god-like miracle and tell me how to fix
      > them?
      > and
      > 2. Does anyone know where I can get a good deal on a new pair?
      > list price is $125 for a new pair, or it would cost me at least $65
      > to replace the lenses through Smith, and it would also take quite a
      > while. I have an old backup pair of Ray Bans, but I want my smiths
      > back as soon as possible!
      > Thanks,
      > Rebecca (who is preparing to go into deep mourning)
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