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15384EDIT: Travel Medicine Field Test, Widman

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  • dawnhark
    Aug 2, 2002
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      --- In BackpackGearTest@y..., "Jeff Widman" <jeffwidman@v...> wrote:
      Thanks to Ron Martino for giving me permission to wait until after my
      seven weeks of North Dakota/Vancouver Island to write this report.

      ### Hi, Jeff, sorry about the confusion there. I now understand you
      had indicated in your application that you would be gone during the
      Field Test due date. I was given the job of Monitoring this test after
      the applicants were chosen by Ron. (I do read almost every post, but,
      strangely enough, I had not memorized the apps of all the potential
      testers.) For future tests, if you think you might be unable to post
      at the required times, just drop a quick note to your Test
      Monitor--thanks. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

      > (Please note: it would be best to let me know the changes privately,
      as per the current protocol.)

      ### This will continue to happen on-list.

      > I also need help identifying the two types of ticks that I found

      ### I am very happy to report that I will be of no use to you here,
      since (thankfully!) there aren't any ticks in my stomping grounds. I'm
      sure folks in tick-zones will have input for you.

      > I will be categorizing this report into three sections; mosquitoes,
      ticks, and flies. Within each section I will report on each specific

      ### Nice organizational concept; I like it.

      > Deet is proven repellent against mosquitoes. Thus it came as no
      surprise to
      > me when both Ultrathon and Fite Bite 30 repelled 95% of the mosquitoes.

      ### Consider changing to "Deet is a proven..."

      > I surmise that the ticks' method of falling/climbing right onto
      whatever disturbed their resting-place meant that the repellents could
      not repel a touch based acquisition method.

      ### I take your meaning here to be that the ticks fall/climb onto your
      body, and the repellent doesn't work to keep them from initially
      contacting your skin. Did you find that the repellent also failed to
      induce them to depart once they arrived?

      ### Thanks for the report, Jeff, and for taking the time and trouble
      to edit it so well prior to posting. Good job!

      Dawn, your Travel Medicine Monitor
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