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126Re: [backpackgeartest] Seychelle Test Results

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  • Critical Payne
    Sep 13, 2000
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      I just got my filter, and have a few first impressions. I'll start with
      the negatives.

      1) Documentation, or the lack thereof. I'm not really concerned with
      _how_ the filter goes about removing all the nasties I don't want to
      drink, and I doubt any consumer who has just purchased the product would
      be either. What I AM concerned about is how to put the thing together and
      assure that I use it correctly so it WILL remove the nasties. And
      although it was fairly simple to assemble, some directions would have been

      2) Relating back to #1, for a while I had no idea what the rubber piece
      was for. I read the "directions" several times, and made myself feel like
      a complete idiot because I couldn't figure out where the rubber piece was
      supposed to go. It made no sense to me that it would go in the filter,
      but I figured they wouldn't include the thing if it didn't serve a
      purpose. It wasn't until I looked through their brochure and saw their
      Tap2Pure system that I figured out that it's just a faucet hookup. One
      that could be improved by making it a tighter fit to the filter, I might

      3) When I screwed in the filter element, it appeared to not go in
      straight, and was perched at an angle (despite being fully screwed in).
      This made it somewhat difficult and consternating to screw the rest of the
      casing on, although I did manage it with some care.

      4) I am yet to hook the filter up to my hydration pack, for I am wary of a
      couple of things. Will it leak? Will it force me to change how I carry
      and use my hydration pack (I keep it in a special pouch at the top of my
      Gregory Shasta, and run the tube down under my arm and up to a hook on my
      shoulder strap)? Perhaps anyone who has already hooked theirs up can
      assuage or confirm my fears.

      5) After giving it a test run on the faucet, I blew the remaining water in
      the system out with my mouth, and got a TERRIBLE taste in my mouth. The
      taste wasn't as strong on the out side (either that or I was used to it),
      but I am still concerned about whether the filter could affect the taste
      of the water when used in the hydration pack as intended.

      And now for the positives . . .

      1) Water seems to flow through the filter very easily, which is always a

      2) The filter withstood very high water flow from the faucet without
      leaking or otherwise failing.

      3) The filter is nice and small for what it does, and also relatively

      4) No problems with the O-ring, even at high rates of flow from the

      5) The element appeared to flush very quickly.

      I will give it a more rigorous test this weekend on a small trip, but I
      thought I'd send a few initial comments. SO far my main observation is
      INSTRUCTIONS, INSTRUCTIONS, INSTRUCTIONS!!!! They don't cost that much,
      and it would have helped me out a lot.

      More to follow,
      Stephen Payne

      "We sure liberated the hell out of this place."
      -- GI entering the rubble of St. Lo, France, 1944
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