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  • Gear Tester
    Mar 2, 2001
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      Yup...I use Outlook Express. Was the file you uploaded an email done in .rtf? That maybe what's causing the problem. I just use the default.....Plain Text.
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      Sent: Friday, March 02, 2001 10:41 AM
      Subject: Re: [BackpackGearTest] Fw: Files

      Hi Jerry,

      I can't get that sequence to work from my hotmail account.  You're using
      hotmail so I'm trying to figure out what's different.  Are you using hotmail
      through Outlook?  (I'm not.)  Am I missing something?

      Any other ideas?

      Still trying...


      P.S. Gotta run to a meeting.  Work does call every now and then...  :-)

      >From: "Gear Tester" <geartester@...>
      >Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 10:11:40 -0700
      >The only way I've found to create files that wrap properly and everyone can
      >read is to create the report as an email (you're suppose to do that
      >anyway). I then use "Save As" to save it as and .html on my desktop. I then
      >post the email and upload the .html file from my desktop. It works, it
      >wraps, it's easy. It also save having to create the report twice.
      >   ----- Original Message -----
      >   From: Mara Factor
      >   To: BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com
      >   Sent: Friday, March 02, 2001 9:47 AM
      >   Subject: Re: [BackpackGearTest] Fw: Files
      >   >From: "Jack Voss" <vossj@...>
      >   >Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2001 11:27:22 -0500
      >   >
      >   >"Do you have MSWord? ..."   No, Word Perfect 8
      >   >
      >   >"... When you get the disk dialog box have you tried checking "Open
      >   >or what ever?"  No dialogue box opens.  I get a list on the left like
      >   >"Home", "Messages", "Files" etc.   I click on "files".   Then the
      >   >items are listed, I click on "Polar Wrap Exchanger".  Then names are
      >   >listed.  When I click on "Mara Factor" it instantly starts spawning an
      >   >external viewer.
      >   Hmm, (in this context) Mara Factor is a folder.  You have to open that
      >   folder just to get at the files I created.  The folder Jerry had created
      >   me had a typo in it so I created the Mara Factor folder.  Can you get at
      >   other's folders?  I can't imagine why it would have created the Mara
      >   folder different than the folders that Jerry had created.  Anyone else
      >   any ideas?
      >   If you can't even open the folder to get at the files, then how the
      >   are created seems moot.  Are you sure just clicking on the fodler causes
      >   problem?
      >   If you are able to get into the folder, then try the "new" file I just
      >   added.
      >   Thanks,
      >   Mara
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