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1040Re: [BackpackGearTest] Fw: Files

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  • Jack Voss
    Mar 2, 2001
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      "The only way I've found to create files that wrap properly and everyone can read is to create the report as an email (you're suppose to do that anyway). I then use "Save As" to save it as and .html on my desktop. I then post the email and upload the .html file from my desktop. It works, it wraps, it's easy. It also save having to create the report twice. Jerry"

      We seem to be stumbling all over ourselves here. I can save a Word Perfect document as HTML, but not an -email. If I cut and paste the Word Perfect document into an e-mail, it changes it to ASCII. I realize that there must be an advantage for you in HTML, Jerry, but from this gawker's point of view I'm not able to see it. It only seems to create problems. So, there must be some pieces to the puzzle that I'm missing.

      At the risk of sounding REALLY dumb, can the procedure be put into a step-wise set of directions? Or, am I the only klutz in the coop?

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