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Resource during Sandra !!!

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  • Community Service Network, Inc.
    FYI Please share and get the word out !!!!! As NYC continues responding to and recovering from Sandy, the information below may be useful for persons living
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2012

      Please share and get the word out >!!!!!

      As NYC continues responding to and recovering from Sandy, the information
      below may be useful for persons living with HIV/AIDS in NYC. Please feel
      free to share with others.
      The following information provided by ADAP:
      ADAP UPDATE: Beginning, Monday, October 29, ADAP refill criteria has been
      relaxed to enable consumers to get medications that were lost, damaged or
      otherwise unavailable. Providers and consumers may call ADAP at 800-542-2437
      for more information. ADAP is fully staffed in Albany, and staff will do
      everything they can to make sure consumers get the medications they need.
      The following information compiled by VOCAL-NY (formerly NYC AIDS Housing
      Network) www.VOCAL-NY.org:
      TRAVEL: There is limited subway service as of 2pm on Wednesday, view the
      list at Gothamist, MTA's Twitter feed and MTA's website. You can check info
      about bus lines on the MTA website.
      FOOD: If you lost food during the storm, e.g. spoiled food due to an
      electricity outage, you can apply for emergency food stamps. Go to the
      nearest HRA or HASA Center and fill out a 2921 Form.
      METHADONE: Methadone maintenance treatment programs appear to be offering
      guest dosing and multiple days for take-homes. If you cannot get to your
      regular program, go to the nearest one and ask them to call your counselor
      to confirm your dose. To find a program near you, visit this OASAS website.
      MEDICAID: Fee for service Medicaid is waiving prior authorization
      requirements for urgent health needs during the state of emergency. Contact
      the CSC Call Center at 800-343-9000 for more information. SCROLL TO BOTTOM
      LOCAL SERVICES & 311: We encourage you to try 311. As an alternative, you
      can reach out to your local elected officials office. Click on these links
      to find your City Council Member, State Assembly Member or State Senator. Do
      NOT call 911 unless it is a real emergency!
      EMERGENCY SERVICES: Here's a website for emergency info about Hurricane
      Sandy and a special hotline for New York residents: 1-888-769-7243 /
      1-518-485-1159. For power outages and gas issues, call 1-800-75-CONED.
      Here's the Red Cross website.
      SHELTERS: Click here for a list for emergency shelters for people displaced
      by Sandy. You can also reach out to local elected officials mentioned above.
      COURT: Manhattan DAT court is open. Do not assume your hearing is cancelled
      unless you can confirm it. We do not know if the courts are issuing bench
      warrants for people who don't appear given the limited transportation
      options after the storm.
      HASA: The 14th Street, Coney Island and Staten Island HASA Centers appear to
      be closed. Please call to confirm. You can go to the closest HASA Center if
      yours is currently closed. Please see below for a list of HASA Centers and
      phone numbers. The HASA Service Line is 212-971-0626, although no one was
      answering the phone today.

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