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      Subject: [BYPPHNETWORK] Harvard Summer Program in Quantitative Sciences


      I'm not the contact but I did attend the 2007 program
      Summer Program in Quantitative Sciences at the Harvard School of Public Health

      June 1, 2010 - June 30, 2010

      Website for Eligibility & Requirements:

      http://www.hsph. harvard.edu/ biostats/ diversity/ summer/


      Deadline for Application: February 15, 2010


      If you like mathematics and would like to learn how quantitative methods can be applied in the study of human health, then the Summer Program in Quantitative Sciences is for you.  This includes those of you who may have been thinking about Wall Street just a year ago!  The Summer Program will introduce you to the power and excitement of math applications to public health, medicine, and biology, and possibly convince you that this is the career direction you've been looking for!


      The Summer Program is an intensive 4-week program, during which highly qualified undergraduates receive a whirlwind introduction to the fields of biostatistics and epidemiology and to the use of quantitative methods for biological, environmental, public health, and medical research. The program also provides advice about graduate school and the application process through GRE preparation, meetings with different departments of the Harvard School of Public Health, and individualized mentoring by Harvard faculty.


      Participants take non-credit introductory courses in biostatistics and Stata (a statistical program), and attend a series of afternoon topical seminars. The seminars, led by faculty members from various departments at the Harvard School of Public Health, are designed to broaden participant's understanding of the relationship of biostatistics to human health by providing a snapshot of methods developed and applied to real research projects in different fields.


      Participants also gain research experience through small-group research projects directed by faculty and graduate student mentors.  Students apply statistical methods to real data to address important and timely questions.  For example, one group of students recently studied whether there was a relationship between body mass index and postpartum depression. Another group analyzed data from a clinical trial to treat head and neck squamous cell carcinomas. And another research project examined the effects of arsenic exposure on proteomic profiles in Bangladesh.  At the end of the program, students present their research to the group and to affiliated faculty.


      Alumni of the Summer Program have earned or are enrolled in graduate degrees in many campuses over the country, including Masters or PhDs in Biostatistics and Epidemiology.


      Potential applicants should have some aptitude and interest in quantitative methods and an interest in public health as a career.  Prior exposure to statistics is not required.   Room and board, travel, and a living stipend of approximately $1700/month is provided.  Please email any questions to:  biostat_diversity@ hsph.harvard. edu.

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