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Re: Gudger/Goodger DNA Test Matches

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  • sbullard@att.net
    Hi Garland, It is interesting that you and those listed in the address column match identically through 12 Y-DNA markers. I match identically through 25
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2009
      Hi Garland,
      It is interesting that you and those listed in the address column match identically through 12 Y-DNA markers.  I match identically through 25 markers with Bill and Richard Bullard and Allison Cannon Wadsworth.  Bill and me also match identically through 37 markers and Richard matches Bill and me through 36 of 37.  The three of us trace our genealogies back to our connon ancestor (MRCA) of Nathan and Sarah (Stroud) Bullard in Duplin County, NC where Nathan was born about 1765 the son of William Bullard.
      I hope that you and others extend your Y-DNA tests to 25 and on to 37 if necessary in search of our common ancestors.  Your NC and Tennessee locations are similar to that of the Bullard Families.  You can find our Bullard genealogies in FamiliytreeDNA and Duplin County, NC web sites.
      Spencer A. Bullard
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      My name is Dr. Garlan Edward Gudger, Sr.  I live in Cullman, Alabama, USA.  According to the first DNA 12 marker test I submitted, each of you on this list match me.  Therefore, I am going to give you the info I have on the Gudger family and hope that some of it might be familiar to you in some way.  We have researched back and have been told that we are descendants of Nicholas, the Czar of Russia.  However,
      The first Gudger we can account for is Zemeth Gudger, we think of Scotland, who may or may not have immigrated to the US.  His son, William, did, however, landing in Lewes, Delaware.  He then went to the Georgetown, Maryland, area, where he married Martha Patsy Young, whose mother was of the royal house of Stuart of England.  After a marriage not approved of by her parents, the couple moved to the mountains of Virginia, then to Unicoi county, Tennessee, which at that time was the most western part of North Carolina, and then back across the mountains to Asheville, North Carolina, where most of the Gudgers we have ever heard of, originated, and many of them still live there. 
      I encourage you to go to
      to check and see if you recognize any of your family names.  At the bottom of the home page there is an index of all names in the project.  Are any of you in a surname study?  Do you have a website? 
      I hope to hear from you, especially your full name and your exact location.  If you send an email and hit "REPLY ALL" on any email using the list above, maybe we will get lucky and find a common ancestor that was not a thousand years ago!  Also, please use Gudger/Goodger DNA Test  as the subject line so we dont discard an email because we think it is SPAM.  So, to all my cousins, no matter how far removed,  please email me back.  I do plan to do a further testing. 
      Thank you!  Garlan  
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