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U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

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  • Nina Campbell
    Saw this on the TNGILES list and thought you might to check it out. Nina GOVERNMENT ACCESS Requesting ancestors immigration records from the US Citizenship
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2006
      Saw this on the TNGILES list and thought you might to check it out.



      Requesting ancestors' immigration records from the
      US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS;
      formerly called Immigration and Naturalization
      Services) may soon get easier. The April 20 Federal
      Register, the government publication that records
      goings-on in federal agencies, printed USCIS' proposal
      for a program to handle your genealogy-related
      requests for historical naturalization, alien registration
      and other immigration records.

      Currently, USCIS lumps those genealogical inquiries--
      which number about 10,000 per year--with other
      Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, creating a
      huge backlog. FOIA restrictions rarely apply to USCIS'
      historical records, anyway, because the subjects of the
      old documents usually are deceased.

      USCIS estimates the new genealogy program would
      handle 26,000 requests per year, with fees for
      searching indexes and copying records such as:

      * Naturalization Certificate Files (C-files) dated
      Sept. 27, 1906, to April 1, 1956, containing
      information related to applications for citizenship

      * Alien Registration Forms (AR-2) completed by aliens
      age 14 and older who lived in or entered the United
      States between Aug. 1, 1940, and March 31, 1944

      * Visa Files, dated July 1, 1924, to March 31, 1944,
      which contain information on immigrants admitted for
      permanent residence under the Immigration Act of

      * Registry Files, dated March 2, 1929, to March 31,
      1944, containing information on immigrants who
      entered the United States before July 1, 1924, whose
      original arrival records were lost

      * A-files, case files containing all an individual's
      immigration records since April 1, 1944 (A-files dating
      before May 1, 1951, would be handled as FOIA

      The proposal is open for public comment until June 19.
      Put in your two cents by visiting
      Check Documents Open for Comment; choose USCIS
      and Proposed Rules from the pull-down menus and
      click Submit. Click the link under Document ID in the
      results, then click the icon by Add Comments.
      You also can e-mail rfs.regs@...; include "DHS
      Docket No. USCIS-2005-0062" in the subject line.
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