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DNA Article from AAAS Journal (fwd)

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      Subject: DNA Article from AAAS Journal
      Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 23:38:37 +0000

      Hi All,
      I have attached a four page article from the Americian Association for the
      Advancement of Science relating to DNA and Genealogy. It seems appropriate at
      this time as we are thinking of proceeding with Bullard Surname DNA testing.
      The article seems to suggest to me that we may not gain much information and
      the the cost may be considerably more than we thought.
      I personally have a great deal of confidence in our documented genealogy.
      The DNA tests, assuming perfect marker matches, is not going to increase that,
      at least not for me.
      I do believe that our Nathan Bullard Line has a common ancester in Nathan
      and Sarah Stroud and that we likely relate to all other American Bullards
      within 4 to 5 prior generations, (by 1500s England).

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