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      Spence a couple of notes....Granville Bullard was the name of Andrew Charles
      Bullard's son by his 3rd wife Sarah Douglas Bullard. I also am sure that
      ACB's son Granville was not a pastor.....real sure of this....maybe it is
      someone who ACB names his son after.....this family #3 was ACB favorite
      family according to all we have uncovered...visiting with family in person
      and via phone/letter

      William Bullard...Martha Elizabeth Bullard daughter of Stroud had a child by
      HER COUSIN William Bullard...family not sure they married...this would be
      about the right age group....this child later was either brought or came
      with ACB to Oklahoma Outlaw Territory and lived in that area from that time
      on....family researcher is LaNell Bullard. Think she has papers concerning
      this ...as it is her husband Floyd's family.
      really interested in other info you uncover relating to Granville
      Thank you for your comment re Granville Bullard and your doubt that
      Meador genealogy has the Granville who was the son of Andrew Charles Bullard.
      I will try to run down the Granville in www.switchboard.com to see if he is
      still living and could be telephoned.
      Also interested in your comment re William Harve Bullard and possibility
      of his cousin-wife Martha Elizabeth Bullard, dau of Stroud. I want to
      research this more. Lorenzo's Bible Records state that "Wm. H. Bullard was
      married Feb the 9, 1860." From the Hickory Hill Cemetery gravestones I find
      " Albert H. A-2-1867 S of W. H. + M. E." From the 1870 Wayne County IL
      27 27 Bullard, William H. 30 M Farmer Illinois $2600
      Martha E. 30 F Illinois
      Samuel 8 M Illinois
      Eliza A. 6 F Illinois
      Rhoda 4 F Illinois
      Martin L. 3/12 M Illinois
      Martha E. 3/12 F Illinois
      From the 1850 Wayne County IL census:
      215 Stuart Bullard 36 M farmer N. Carolina This
      is Stroud Bullard.
      Mary Bullard 35 F Virginia
      Robert 19 M farmer Illinois
      F. W. 14 M Illinois
      James R. 11 M Illinois
      Eliza 10 F Illinois
      Mary J. 8 F Illinois
      Wright 6 M Illinois
      Melissa 3 F Illinois
      Andrew C. 1 M Illinois
      Louisa Watkins 16 F Illinois (Listed with family)

      I don't find a Martha Elizabeth dau of Stroud who could have married (or
      had a child with William Harve, s/o of Lorenzo). The 1870 Illinois census
      data for William H. and Martha E. family is complete as far as I know. These
      data have been compiled from my own research and I have the original copies.
      I have nothing that will confirm (or deny) Lanell Bullard's research.
      I hope this sheds some light on your inquiry.
      Thanks again. Thanks for the nice Mother's Day poem.
      Happy Mother's Day to all.
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