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  • Susan
    Nov 1, 2007
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      Hey, Michael, that category is just assumed as what's left if you're
      still hanging about with the rest of us even if you don't have or are
      currently longing for a Bunn.

      The ONLY point of the Poll was to keep us helping our fellow searchers
      by knowing who they are.

      We're not kickin you out for abandoning us. We may give you a ration
      of you know what occasionally, call you a traitor, make faces behind
      your back....but that's the risk you take when you hang out with other
      outcasts, scofflaws and the like.


      --- In BUG-is-Bunn@yahoogroups.com, "kuban111" <reinaldomiguel@...> wrote:
      > Hola all,
      > Susan
      > I just filled out the poll I think it was a great idea and may help
      > clear things out.
      > I wish there was another category posted one that was along the lines
      > of.
      > ¡§If you don¡¦t have one or are not looking for one. But would like to
      > continue as a member because you like the folks here.¡¨ That¡¦s me!!!
      > Ok the secret is out thanks Dave, for making me feel like ¡§the bad
      > guy¡K..traitor¡¨. :)
      > Yes the Boss (wife) gave her OK and signed the contract to purchase
      > the new house hold appliances (QM vetrano) + new grinder, (don¡¦t know
      > yet Ma cap/ Mazzer).
      > Just for the record I didn¡¦t feel ok with the whole e-bay bidding
      > against a fellow friend thing. Craig and all of you are my friends
      > even if you happen to be from Texas. I still like you.
      > I like the Bunn and I believe they are a great machine but the people
      > are more important to me than the machines. So I thought it over and
      > went another direction.
      > I e-mailed Dave so he knew what was going on.
      > I¡¦m like Dave here on the side lines cheering for one of the members
      > to get it.
      > Craig, just as a side note if I see one in NJ or close by I¡¦ll pick
      > it up for you and will bring it to Toronto. The wife and I are
      > looking for an excuse to visit Canada again.
      > Need more Ice wine. ļ
      > Just my 2 cents,
      > The people are what makes it or breaks it.
      > Bunn / CG / ALT C / HB / and any were else in the world.
      > We are all in good.....great company here.
      > Micheal (Kuban111)
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