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  • kuban111
    Nov 1, 2007
      Sure r wright, dam Skippy......I'll jump at a bunn.

      Similar comparison on the bunn/vetrano
      I wanted a rotary motor, e-61 machine.
      All the things I learned from this site.
      Was looking at the s1 or vetrano.

      But while in Mexico I saw and fell in love with a 2 group hx-e61
      legend Faema.
      The vetrano reminded me of it.

      Plus the s1 had that "Vancouver Canadian espresso/ specialty coffee
      scene look"
      You all know what I mean…ha, ha we have the best coffee/scene.

      Ok come and get me…for that remark.

      Sorry my dear Canadian friend. C.A.


      --- In BUG-is-Bunn@yahoogroups.com, "dmankin" <david.mankin@...>
      > Hola, Michael!
      > I apologize for "out-ing you" here. I, for one, was really
      > annoyed that the flow of ES-1A machines had completely stopped on
      > for quite a while. You're not the bad guy at all - you had the
      > and were ready to maker the move... and no Bunn machines were in
      > I went to Chris' site & saw your new machine there... and the one
      > picture of the insides reveal how amazingly similar your Vetrano is
      > my ES-1A! (except you get a warranty!.. I got a wrench! [:D] ).
      > CLICK <http://www.chriscoffee.com/images/827/Vetrano_Guts.jpg>
      > I mentioned your scenario only because the last machine seemed to
      > several interested parties here, and no one wants any of us to try
      > out-gun another. I want to see all of us with one of these
      > Who knows.. you might find one on Craig's list that someone wants
      to get
      > rid of for under $100 bucks. Even with your gleaming Vetrano, I'd
      > in and sweep it up.
      > Michael, don't stop scanning eBay or Craig's list, or the local
      > papers... there's stuff to be grabbed, fixed, sold or enjoyed. I
      > close to winning an auction for a machine locally here... I wanted
      > solely for the dual pressure gauges! It was local, and I was
      outbid by
      > a few bucks. You're in a great position now - you don't need one,
      > you'll probably find TWO!
      > Besides... your *SECRET* desire to still own a Bunn more than
      > you to hang out here with us! Grab a Cafe Cubano and stick around!
      > Dave
      > +++++++++++++++++
      > --- In BUG-is-Bunn@yahoogroups.com, "kuban111" <reinaldomiguel@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Hola all,
      > >
      > > Susan
      > > I just filled out the poll I think it was a great idea and may
      > > clear things out.
      > >
      > > I wish there was another category posted one that was along the
      > > of.
      > >
      > > ¡§If you don¡¦t have one or are not looking for one. But would
      > like to
      > > continue as a member because you like the folks here.¡¨ That¡¦s
      > me!!!
      > >
      > > Ok the secret is out thanks Dave, for making me feel like ¡§the
      > > guy¡K..traitor¡¨. :)
      > > Yes the Boss (wife) gave her OK and signed the contract to
      > > the new house hold appliances (QM vetrano) + new grinder, (don¡¦t
      > know
      > > yet Ma cap/ Mazzer).
      > >
      > > Just for the record I didn¡¦t feel ok with the whole e-bay bidding
      > > against a fellow friend thing. Craig and all of you are my friends
      > > even if you happen to be from Texas. I still like you.
      > >
      > > I like the Bunn and I believe they are a great machine but the
      > > are more important to me than the machines. So I thought it over
      > > went another direction.
      > >
      > > I e-mailed Dave so he knew what was going on.
      > >
      > > I¡¦m like Dave here on the side lines cheering for one of the
      > members
      > > to get it.
      > >
      > > Craig, just as a side note if I see one in NJ or close by I¡¦ll
      > pick
      > > it up for you and will bring it to Toronto. The wife and I are
      > > looking for an excuse to visit Canada again.
      > > Need more Ice wine. ļ
      > >
      > >
      > > Just my 2 cents,
      > >
      > > The people are what makes it or breaks it.
      > > Bunn / CG / ALT C / HB / and any were else in the world.
      > >
      > > We are all in good.....great company here.
      > >
      > > Micheal (Kuban111)
      > >
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