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4983Re: [BUG] Re: Main switch

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  • ed benton
    May 12, 2014
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      Cool, thanks Jack. Mine started leaking last week. Machine hadn't been turned on for almost 2 months while I was out of country, so I took the opportunity this weekend to take out all the guts, soak, in citric acid and rebuilt. I haven't ever cleaned out the tank in 18 years. It had a thin layer on the bottom of tank and even thinner layer on the element. I was expecting some inch thick slab. Everything cleaned up nice. I took pictures on the dismantle to make sure it all went back together. pop up valve and the safety valve are all that was needed to change. I will need to change out the 3 pole pressure switch at some point.
      This is the one I think is a direct replacement.

      On Monday, May 12, 2014 9:26 PM, "jack_burien@... [BUG-is-Bunn]" <BUG-is-Bunn@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      I'm running the 1.9 as that was what was on the machine when I purchased it and just replaced same during rebuild.  Hope I'm not about to blow the thing up, but it's been operating for 3 years now and no explosions yet.  jack in fl :-)

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