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4975Re: [BUG] Limit Thermostats

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  • closhuall
    Apr 16 8:38 PM
      Thanks for your input Jake...

      I did decide to stay with the pstat instead of going the PID route.  I did read some other sites where people are using PIDs, but instead of temperature switching, they use a pressure transducer in place of the pstat.  It would certainly stop the noise of the pstat, but the transducers seemed to be a little cost prohibitive to me (and didnt want to think about a used pressure transducer).

      I believe the pstat in the machine was original (P302-8) and probably needed a new membrane kit.  Price was about $30 for the kit.  Found a new pstat on ebay for $60 (P302-6) so got that instead.  A noticeable improvement in the deadband as it is reduced a lot with the new pstat.  So the membrane was certainly in need of replacement.  I also added an SSR to do the high amp switching, using the pstat to switch the SSR on and off.  Will see if only passing low current through the pstat helps the longevity of the contacts (it should). 

      Take care

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