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4973Re: [BUG] Limit Thermostats

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  • sh8knj8kster
    Apr 5, 2014
      you wrote-
      >The PID concept sounds intriguing, so will do some reading up on previous posts to see >whats all involved there.  Sounds like it would be a fun addition to the machine.

      The Sirai P-Stat used on your Bunn is more than adequate to keep the temperature  you want to drink your coffee at, w/o complicating matters omitting it and adding PID.  Robert Harmon (Tex), one of the list owners was the first to add PID to a Bunn espresso machine, here in our group.  When he made the change from the Sirai to the PID I asked him why and his reply was "my wife doesn't care to hear the points constantly open and close on the P-Stat".  I have an idea Robert likes to fiddle with PID's as well, and I know he has a pretty good grasp on how they work, adding them to espresso machines like the Gaggia Classic I bought from Texx back in 2008 he modded using PID to control that single boiler's strike and steam temps

      On the Gaggia Classic, going with PID made sense as the oem temp stats on that machine swung by about 40 degrees .  Our HX espresso machines operated with the Sirai P-Stat does not have that problem.  That said, be it far from me to dissuade you from changing over to PID to operate the boiler temp as there are some advantages, like having push button LED ability to change your boiler temp

      I usually operate under the principle "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and for me, the Sirai P-Stat has served me well the past three years running one with my Quick Mill Vetrano HX espresso machine.  However, I have to admit my Sirai P-Stat (on the vetrano) did leak like a sieve about two months ago after shutting the machine down for 3 weeks anyways while I resolved another problem the machine had (leaking inlet fuel valve)

      When I started the Vetrano up after making the repair, that's when the P-Stat leak became known

      And it leaked where you see the visible seal.  Stopping the leak was simple though, and only a matter of removing the part the seal seats in, cleaning the mating surface on the underneath portion where the seal seats (using 4 ought steel wool).  After buttoning it up, the leak issue was resolved.  That will never happen with a PID, but then too, when the PID goes Tango Ivex Tango's Uriah Provo, I would be totally lost for a solution


      Reddick Fla.     
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