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4971Re: [BUG] Limit Thermostats

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  • closhuall
    Apr 4, 2014
      Thanks for everyone's help.  The machine is up and running and appears to be working fine.
      I took the opportunity to remove and check the heating element and it appears in good condition. I also checked resistance and based on info I found in the group postings, appears to be in line.
      heater element - 7.8 Ohms
      across the plug with switch on - 7.8 Ohms
      switch on, no heater - 388 Ohms.
      Replaced the switch to make sure it was not failing, plus it was pretty spongy anyway.  Now it is nice and crisp.
      Replaced the high-limit thermostats and all wire from switch to element/thermostats/pstat.  Not that the wire was bad, but used the opportunity to ensure it was a non-issue.  Traced all other wires for any signs of failure, tested continuity, etc.  Moved to "virgin" contact points on the pstat as the ones being used were pretty scored.

      There are a couple more wires on the switch that I want to replace, just cuz and while I am at it, that are female connectors with piggyback, but will need to purchase some of those connectors before I can do that.

      The PID concept sounds intriguing, so will do some reading up on previous posts to see whats all involved there.  Sounds like it would be a fun addition to the machine.

      Thanks again for this input and all the other helpful info from previous posts.


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