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4960Limit Thermostats

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  • closhuall
    Mar 25, 2014
      Greetings!  I purchased an ES-1A about 9 months ago and have been enjoying it ever since.  I signed up to this group discussion and had been just lurking so far,but had an issue come up today so thought I would post here.  
      I turned the machine on this morning and it was heating up, but then when I went to use it, there was no steam/water pressure.  Took off the side panels and noticed the high limit thermostats both have had some melting of the plastic clip insulators.  Not sure if it was recent or not, as I have not had the machine that long.  I pressed the reset buttons and now the machine works again, heats fine, and pressure galore.

      So, one question is there anything specifically i should be looking for that would cause the electrical leads to the thermostats to get so hot that the clip insulator would melt? (ps, the wire insulation looks fine, no damage).

      Thinking I should replace those thermostats.  Since they had gotten so hot to melt the insulator before they tripped, might be worn out and need replacement.  Any recommendations on where and what parts to replace them with?  I have searched the discussion group, but didnt find this specific answer.
      Thanks in advance! 

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