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4577RE: [BUG] Troubleshooting a used espress es-a1

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  • Ray B
    May 2, 2012
      I would make sure the tank is full by following the initial fill
      instructions..Turn the toggle switch to the right and then press the single
      and double half-cup buttons at the same time. That will start the fill and
      will stop when it's full.. Flip the switch back to the left..

      The steam comes right from the top of the boiler, and the hot water off the
      bottom, and does not go thru the flowmeter. The flowmeter is only used when
      "dosing" a cup.

      It sounds like it is not getting Hot enough to make steam and build up
      pressure in the boiler.. Assuming it is full of water and you haven't burnt
      out the element.

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      Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2012 4:48 PM
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      Subject: [BUG] Troubleshooting a used espress es-a1

      Hi there, folks.
      I'm brand new to the forum and I just recently got my hands on a Bunn
      Espress ES-A1.

      I haven't put any money into the machine yet, because the current owner is
      being very lienent with me until I get the machine up and running. I was
      told it was maintenance serviced just before it was put into storage. I'm
      not really sure of the history of the machine otherwise.

      I have so far hooked it all in to the water supply and followed all the
      installation instructions in the manual. It seems that there's water in the
      tank and it's heating fine, but when I turn the steam or hot water knobs...
      well.. nothing really happens at all.

      I'm not sure of service providers in my area or if I'm looking at needing to
      replace a pump... or maybe it's something simple that I'm overlooking
      because I haven't worked with a machine like this.

      If there's anything anyone out there can do to help me out, I'd be very

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