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4576Re: Troubleshooting a used espress es-a1

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  • Erin
    May 2, 2012
      I'm pretty sure water is going in. I'm going to get into it and check the box as suggested.

      We have a direct line hookup and when I turn it on (To fill with the element off) I can hear the water flow into the tank. There's also some slight water flow through the main part, but not to the hot water outlet or the steam valve.

      When the tank heats, I do get steam out of that small valve at the top of the tank.

      How can I ensure that the tank is filling properly without flow through the hot water outlet?

      Detailed suggestions are welcome as I am just learning how to work on this sort of machine in general. My husband is an electrician in training, so I am working with him in order to make sure I am not working unsafely.
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