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4535Re: Need help with a machine for a friend.

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  • Tex
    Feb 7, 2012
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      Of course Ed, you've told them that there's nothing new like our Bunn ES-1A machines for less than $3,500, right? The bare minimum I'd recommend in that price range is a Gaggia Classic, but it won't be anything as good as your machine. Here's a shot that I pulled with a Classic after I'd adjusted the group pressure (no PID): http://youtu.be/t0eLkKwA3QE

      If one of them is minimally handy, they could add a PID kit and Silvia steam wand for ~$250 above the purchase price. That'll get them in the ballpark as long as they don't want to build cappuccinos for the neighborhood.

      And that doesn't address the need for a good grinder - another $275 or more. Tell them it's not a cheap hobby, but the rewards are worth it!

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