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  • Tex
    Aug 2, 2010
      Hi Steve,
      I'd start at the pump: disconnect the output tube and stick a plastic tube on it; put the end of the tube in a container, then turn the pump on. If you're getting a good flow there the pump is good: reconnect the output line, and check further up the water path until you find the blockage.

      If the pump fails the 1st step, then I suggest you have it rebuilt, rather than buying a new one: http://www.jcbeverage.com/

      While your pump is rated to pull water from a container beneath it, it's best to place that container above the pump level to keep it from draining the pump between uses. If you do place the container below the pump, put a one-way check valve in the water line to keep the pump from draining. A wet pump is a happy pump! :-)

      Good luck,

      --- In BUG-is-Bunn@yahoogroups.com, "Steven" <sduck27@...> wrote:
      > got my machine cleaned and back together, now i turn it on to fill the tank i put the water line in a 3 gallon container and it will not draw any water pump is on i can hear it. Any suggestions?
      > Steve
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