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3288Re: [BUG] Re: Roasting coffee at home

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  • Susan
    Nov 7, 2009
      Ah, no way I can use a kilo, so the Ruta Maya route isn't gonna work for me.
      It does remind me, though, that the woman at Costco who was roasting
      when I bought the Sumatran said that Costco was going to be selling
      greens at some point. Given my experience with the Sumatran and the
      fact that I've got two bureau drawers full of good greens right now, I
      think I won't be buying from them. Still it's always good to know.


      Tex wrote:
      > It all starts with the coffee. We're used to specialty coffee now
      > Susan, and just any ol' beans won't do anymore. Costco buys good
      > beans, just not the ones that cup in the upper 80's and never the
      > COE's that I love!
      > If your Costco carries the Ruta Maya preroasted Mexican Chiapas beans
      > in a medium roast give it a try. I frequently use this when I'm in
      > charge of coffee for large gatherings (it comes in 1 kilo bags so it
      > will get stale if you don't use a lot).
      > Tex
      > -
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