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3286Re: [BUG] Re: Roasting coffee at home

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  • Susan
    Nov 7, 2009
      It never ceases to amaze me that even in this retired woman's life that
      15 minutes (plus the time to haul the equipment out to the back deck,
      cool beans, etc....all of which still only comes to about 30 minutes)
      can sometimes be so very hard to find......

      I was out of coffee a few weeks ago when I stopped into a Costco that I
      don't usually frequent and realized they roast on site in a Diederich
      monster machine. It all smelled so good that I bought a 2.5# sack of
      Sumatra that had been roasted the day before to quite a nice looking and
      delicious smelling presentation. And??? It was absolutely
      undrinkable. I tried it for two days: pourover, Krups Mocha
      Brew....all swill. Good only for compost. So, the morning my guests
      were due to arrive (time crunch be damned) I popped out to the back deck
      and put some Kenya Peaberry into the UFO/TO and....what a delight. No
      more Costco coffee for me, although some say it's okay.....


      Tex wrote:
      > On that note, I roast ~1 lb per week just for me & the wife. That's 1
      > batch per week for 15 minutes. Hardly time intensive to home roast no
      > matter which machine you get!
      > Tex
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