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3194Broke a switch on my grinder today

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  • Jake Wilson
    Aug 9 1:45 PM
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      If you're interested, check out my new coffee bean grinder photo album I made up on BUG. So far it has half dozen photos of my Ranchilio MD-50 grinder.

      I was cleaning it today and discovered I somehow broke the plastic start switch. Start viewing this photo, then scroll to the right for the broken switch photos and my temporary repair


      All photos have some verbiage (description). I guess it's time to order a new start switch. Has anyone ever needed parts for their Ranchilio grinder? Just wondering who might have parts in stock. I need a few more o-riongs for my Rimini...maybe Cafe Parts in Denver also sells Ranchilio grinder parts?...Okay, i just went there to take a look, I see the switch I need does not have the part number listed


      Which menas I need to phone them and see if they can order the switch. My cellophane tape farkle is working extremely well so far

      Reddick Fla.