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31274 Hole Steam Tip Test on my ES-1A

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  • dmankin
    Jul 3, 2009
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      On my recent visit to Houston, Tex handed me a 4-hole steam tip to try on my ES-1A. I have tried it several times, and am now starting to formulate some thoughts on using it.

      The stock tip has only 2 holes, and the volume of steam released is substantially greater (I don't know how the actual steam holes measure from tip to tip). The extra 'umph' is creating large bubbles rather quickly, and I have to work at dissipating them - both in the incorporating (after stretching) stage, or by banging the pitcher.

      Still, the 4 hole tip works.

      Excuse the latte art pour. I'm not that good at this under normal conditions, and the tripod was literally under my feet & arms as I tried to do all this in the lens' sight.

      I plan to thoroughly clean & remount the 2 hole tip after I've played a little more with the loaner 4-hole, and see which of the 2 I prefer.

      Have a good 4th of July to all the USA members!


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