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  • Robert White
    Mar 1, 2009
      The handle does slope downwards. Tex wrote the following:

      They have the La Marzocca angled handle so they'll sit evenly while
      you dose.

      There was a whale of a lot of scale. What is in the photo is not the
      total of what was in the boiler. Wonder how well it worked especially
      with the element coated too.

      I will try the TSP as you suggest. It can't hurt.

      Cheers, Bob

      On Mar 1, 2009, at 2:31 AM, Jake Wilson wrote:

      > --- In BUG-is-Bunn@yahoogroups.com, Robert White <bobwhitequail@...>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > I have added some more photographs of my Bunn photos (Bob's
      > photos).
      > > I have done some "exploded" views as memory joggers for me. They
      > may
      > > be useful to others also.
      > >
      > > In two of the photos you can see the photographic bath I was lucky
      > > enough to have on hand. It has a heating element which can keep
      > the
      > > bath at temperatures of up to about 120F. It also has a
      > circulating
      > > pump which was very helpful in accelerating the clean up process.
      > As
      > > Tex mentioned before being able to pump the citric acid through
      > the
      > > tubes is great. By positioning the tubes in the flow of the pump
      > I
      > > was able to get the solution to flow through the tubes.
      > >
      > > Like others in BUG my group head had several parts missing. There
      > was
      > > no spring, filter, filter holder or o-ring.
      > >
      > > I found trisodium phosphate to be ineffective in cleaning the area
      > > where the Filter Holder Gasket would have been. In the end I used
      > > paint stripper. The black residue had become something akin to
      > > varnish. I suppose cleaning the coffee oils was not something the
      > > previous owners thought to do. I am sure the paint stripper is
      > not
      > > NSF approved but I figured with repeated rinsing and a couple more
      > > citric acid baths it would be fine.
      > >
      > > Cheers, Bob
      > >
      > ~~~Nice pics Bob and you had a lot of scale accumulated in that
      > boiler, incredible. I also took notice of the handle on your new
      > portafilter...it appears to slope downwward, or is that camera
      > trickery?=:-)
      > If I were you I would use a heavy duty TSP solution to remove any
      > residue of paint varnish in the group. Heavy Duty as in 1/2 cup TSP
      > per 2 gallons hot water. You could try 1/4 cup /2 gallons hot water
      > too. Both of those specs are on my 5 lb box of TSP. I think if you
      > were to soak in either of those solution strengths for half an hour,
      > rinse, saok again in fresh solution until you are satisfied, you'll
      > remove all the paint thinner residue
      > Jake
      > Reddick Fla.

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