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1734Re: [Bulk] RE: [BUG] Anyone want my Bunn ????

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  • Susan
    Jun 4, 2008
      Ah, Mark, what my dad used to say is/was: "My mind is made up; don't
      confuse me with the facts."
      I'm really a Gaggia Gurl at heart, and although there was a time when I
      thought I was going to be happy with the Bunn, I have considered
      divesting myself enough times to think that it really is the right thing
      to do this time around. It's just too much machine for me. I sure have
      been proud of myself learning to work with it as much as I did, and I
      treasured every success. But in the end someone else will make much
      better use of her.

      Not to mention that it was never going to find room in the kitchen.
      Even the Gaggia has to be in the next room....


      Mark Anderson wrote:
      > I think if you haven't used the bunn in your kitchen you don't realize
      > how much you need it Susan. You get it up and running and the next
      > thing the neighbors are dropping over for a latte or a cap or the
      > latest espresso blend. I think that you just got overwhelmed. I think
      > that you should buy a working Bunn from somone with the money that you
      > got for the one that you sold and you should shed your status as Bunn
      > User Emeritus. I really did not realize how much I needed my Bunn
      > until mine was us and running. I started in the kitchen and was later
      > relegated to the basement by my girlfriend.
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