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1728Re: [Bulk] RE: [BUG] Anyone want my Bunn ????

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  • Susan
    Jun 3, 2008
      Thanks, Ray, and I really was having a good time with this machine for a
      while, but then it sat on the table for too long and I began to
      seriously question how/when I would ever use it even if I managed to get
      her running like a top. Gee, golly whizzakers. I drink one latte a
      day, do no social "functions", and....well, you get the picture. That
      baby was always overkill for me. I'm not gonna drop out of the BUG
      group (unless I get kicked out for no longer having a machine), although
      I probably don't have much to contribute now that I won't be whining and
      begging for help in the flushes of times when I start back working on
      her. I'm really a Gaggia girl....well Gaggia old lady....
      Maybe I can be a Bunn emeritus or "honorary ex-Bunn owner" or something?

      Ray Brown wrote:
      > That was quick. I was hoping to see Susan complete her project and be able
      > to enjoy the machine. You put a lot of work in to it already and I was
      > really tempted to buy it from you..
      > I could drive to Santa Rosa cheaper than the shipping, but.. I will
      > let Paul
      > have it. I already have the one monster I need to finish.
      > Ray
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      > Subject: RE: [BUG] Anyone want my Bunn ????
      > Susan,
      > I would like to purchase this machine immediately for $300 dollars.
      > Where do
      > you live so we can estimate shipping. It sold as soon as I get a reply
      > from
      > you. Call me if you like to discuss.
      > Regards,
      > Paul Albert Acosta
      > (813) 220-3674 cell
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      > <mailto:landperson%40sbcglobal.netDate> : Tue, 3 Jun 2008 15:49:27
      > +0000Subject: [BUG] Anyone want my Bunn ????
      > I had a good time with her for a while, but truth is I'm not reallylooking
      > forward to getting back to work on her.She's also not all put together, as
      > anyone who has been following myprogress (or not progress) knows full
      > well.But, I bought her for $300 plus shipping and I've done a lot
      > ofcleaning
      > up and re-working: pump is totally re-built, parts are allcleaned. My best
      > guess is that if someone put her back together she'd work likea champ.I'll
      > sell her for the same $300 plus shipping that I bought her for.I also
      > have a
      > brand new Flow-Jet still in the box if someone wants tomake me an offer on
      > that. If you are interested, email me. No sense taking up space on
      > theboard
      > for this, and Tex will probably skin me alive for putting thishere anyway,
      > but I can't try to sell it to outsiders in its currentcondition,
      > whereas you
      > folks would know/understand the ins and outs ofa non-working but still
      > valuable piece of machinery....right????Okay, let me know if you are
      > interested.Susan
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