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1Welcome everyone!

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  • Robert Harmon
    Sep 19, 2007
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      Howdy Everyone!
      I'm Robert Harmon (AKA: Tex on Coffee Geek) and I'm the moderator of
      this user group.

      I've owned a Bunn ES-1A for a couple of years and have nothing but
      good things to say about them. I've modified my machine by adding a
      PID temperature controller. This replaced the OEM pressure stat
      (PSTAT) that controls the boiler temperature. I made this modification
      because the PSTAT has mechanical relays that make a rather loud
      clacking sound as they open and close.

      An added benefit of the modification was improved boiler temperature
      stability. I've also insulated the boiler of my machine. Hopefully
      this mod is saving me some money, but I did it because I leave the
      machine on 24/7 and it generates a LOT of heat. Now it's much more
      comfortable to work around the machine.

      Again, welcome to our user group. Look around and if you have a Bunn
      consider joining us as a full member.