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  • ...me again .tnx let me know.. On Apr 2, 2015 2:25 PM, "Ron Stordahl ron_n5in@^$1 [BPQ32]" < BPQ32@^$2 > wrote: Jerry I had you as N9LYA-7 as I recall. I have corrected to: MAP N9LYA-8 w9bbs.no-ip.org UDP 10093 B You should have me as MAP AE5E-14 dxspots.com UDP 10093...
    Jerry Kutche Apr 2
  • Email me off list please. I can help..
    Jerry Kutche Apr 1
  • Hello all who are mapped with my BPQ station.. My New MAP info follows.. MAP N9LYA-8 w9bbs.no-ip.org UDP 10093 B Unless you and I link with port 93 In which case MAP N9LYA-8 w9bbs.no-ip.org UDP 93 B Please update me with your MAP info offlist... I am good in qrz 73 Jerry N9LYA
    n9lya4@... Mar 24
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  • Set me up Bbs n9lya RMS k9 bbs-10 Will be on ur 20 MTR freq. Pactor. 73 jerry
    Jerry Kutche Mar 23
  • What band and freq. I am in southern Indiana. Would like to link up on HF... 73 On Mar 21, 2015 6:45 AM, " kd8dan@^$1 [BPQ32]" < BPQ32@^$2 > wrote: With a lot of help from John and Richard (KE7XO) I have my little raspberry pi station running pretty smoothly. Received my new Tennadyne TD-90 antenna and it is working very nicely with a low SWR on all bands. I have my telnet to RMS...
    Jerry Kutche Mar 21
  • So the map is case sensitive.. Hum. Why. Why would the affect forwarding. Ie map not used for RF .. So just ask in .. Sergej, thank you for your reply. The problem turned out to be that I was using lowercase for the callsign in the MAP statement. When I changed that to uppercase all started working okay. 73, K.O. n0kfq On 3/9/2015 7:53 AM, Sergej rttyman@^$1 [BPQ32] wrote: 05 March...
    Jerry Kutche Mar 9
  • Packet never died.. It evolved.. 73. On Feb 16, 2015 1:04 PM, "Matthew Pitts daywalker_blade_2004@^$1 [BPQ32]" < BPQ32@^$2 > wrote: Charles, How do you propose to deal with the lack of interest in USING PACKET that exists, and the general belief that "packet died for a reason" as has been stated to a local sysop that has gone ahead and put up a node anyway. Matthew Pitts N8OHU From...
    Jerry Kutche Feb 25
  • Updated here On Feb 6, 2015 5:59 AM, "'John Wiseman' john.wiseman@^$1 [BPQ32]" < BPQ32@^$2 > wrote: A version of LinBPQ which can in some circumstances create a new BID for an incoming message was available on dropbox from around Jan 21 st to Feb 3 rd The affected version is If you are running this version, please update as soon as possible. The same bug could be in...
    Jerry Kutche Feb 6
  • Send me ur phone number I'll try and call just after 3pm est On Jan 12, 2015 11:42 AM, "'Michael Melnik' mmelnik1@^$1 [BPQ32]" < BPQ32@^$2 > wrote: Greeting all I am sorry to say that after 15 years, N9PMO BBS Services may be closing Permittilly. I & several other BPQ32 Windows or Linux versions users are having AX/UDP, AX/TCP issues trying to stay connected to their partners. It...
    Jerry Kutche Jan 12
  • Would also make a lot of perfectly good hardware old and new obsolete or in need of a firmware upgrade... Ax25 is what it is ..73 On Jan 6, 2015 3:28 PM, "Dave Webb druliefw@^$1 [BPQ32]" < BPQ32@^$2 > wrote: I agree with Jerry. Leave well enough alone. To change would make all our VHF links incompatible, not to mention what would happen to our links to MSYS and FBB systems. 73 Dave...
    Jerry Kutche Jan 6