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Pacl Problem with BPQ

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  • MIchael Melnik Sr.
    Good evening group K.O N0KFQ and my self ran some extensive testing in the last couple of day s, K.O running WFBB 7.00I and myself 7.00E 32bit, the following
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2008
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      Good evening group

      K.O N0KFQ and my self ran some extensive testing in the last couple
      of day's, K.O running WFBB 7.00I and myself 7.00E 32bit, the
      following between both of us is what we are having problems with:

      After much experimenting last night, changing the Global and Port
      Pacl to 80 still resulted:

      In a transmitted Pacl of 238, I took the TNC out of Kiss, set Pacl
      to 80 still with Global and Port at 80 and Tnc went back to 238.

      Also I have a station that uses my Telpac for large files transfers,
      of course the Pacl set in Telpac Of 128 and the transmitting end at
      128, I first was concerned with the no delay time between

      I played with the response, slot time, persist and Frack timing and
      found no changes to better the frequency Occupation.

      Also being concerned with the long transmissions I had to reduced
      the Maxframe from 5 to 2 this did reduce the length Of the
      transmissions considerably and prevented retries, but I was not able
      to change the response time, Persistence and Slot Timing for better
      frequency occupation.

      At one point I was forwarding to the Telpac station Via RF and AXIP
      forwarding at the same time, but the RF Forwarding gained precedence
      over AXIP forwarding and AXIP forwarding Timed out.

      Running ether WFBB 7.00E or I and the latest three DLL'S that John
      has provided to allow monitoring Inbound and outbound running under
      Windows XP or W2K only 1 BPQ port can be allocated in FBB.

      Trying multiple Ports in the port.sys BPQ uses the first Port and
      the rest are ignored.

      There seems to be only three ways to limit the Transmission length:

      1: Pacl setting in FBB but the limit is one setting only

      2: Add an IF Statement in forwarding partners forwarding Block to
      change the PACL.

      3: Reduce the Maxframe in BPQ per Port.

      These are only observations John Has done a fantastic job meeting
      our needs with BPQ32U and all the DLL'S needed for all the various
      programs, Ron has done a great job with explanations of BPQ.

      There is still one part of BPQ I haven't been able to make work,
      VCOM Config and BPQTNC2.exe.

      I would like to point out that WnFbb 7.01-35 has been causing a wide
      spead problem that can not be solved, after running 7.01-35 for a
      couple of years, I unfortuatlly i was forced to retire 7.01-35 to
      the hall of fame.

      Ron and I had discussed this many times if only we had one good BBS
      program, how ever after some work and file changing i was able to
      get the 7.00 series WFBB working correctly with W2K and XP.

      If anyone needing the edited files and System Environment Variable
      Path String to make the HouseKeeping work correctly please let me

      Thanks John and Ron for the use of the BPQ Reflector for FBB

      Mike Melnik
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