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RE: [BPQ32] RE: LinBPQ BBS forwarding ..

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  • Richard
    Peter, it is port 6302 .. Try a telnet www.ham-radio.co.za 6302 and see what I mean when I say you have to press two
    Message 1 of 34 , Mar 4, 2013

      Peter, it is port 6302 …. Try a “telnet www.ham-radio.co.za 6302”  and see what I mean when I say you have to press <enter> two or three times to get each of the LinBPQ BBS prompts up … I have in the meantime entered your password as you wanted …


      Let me know what you find …


      73, Dick ZS6RO




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      On 04/03/13 02:10, Richard wrote:


      I’ve always had it like that John (V bbscallsign$Wpassword$WBBS$W) – I have no issues with that … I can also access the LinBPQ BBS by typing just ‘BBS’ from the command prompt …


      Looking at Peter’s example, it suggests (to me) that FBB BBS is forwarding to ‘WA1BBS’ and the APPLICATION line has ‘WA1BBS’ in the field that I thought was the ‘alias’ field ???


      Correct me if I’m wrong :  The application line is to display ‘BBS’ with the help command and allow the command ‘BBS’ to be used ?? .. That means that ONLY ONE application like this is needed, not an application for each BBS being forwarded to ?? .. In other words, applications are not used to forward to BBS’s …


      Peter, to make me happy, can you try and do a FBB BBS forward to my LinBPQ BBS please ?? ( www.ham-radio.co.za port 6302) … That way, if it works I know that my other FBB neighbours can also change over to my LinBPQ BBS … I think I’ll have to set you up as a telnet ‘user’ in my telnet port section .. email me with a password Peter …


      73, Dick ZS6RO

      Hi Dick,

                 I do not seem able to telnet to your LinBPQ BBS.

      A ZS0MEE
      IF H 00-23
         P B
           N 0
           L B 230
           L O 3
             C C ZS0MEE www.ham-radio.co.za 6302
               V zl2bau$Wpassword$WBBS$W

      The password is set as per my email to you earlier.

      I did also try port 8011 but that never worked either.

      Regards ..... Peter

    • Richard
      Peter, go to http://guardian.no-ip.org:88/bpqmap/ChatNetwork.htm ... Notice where you situated ???? . On the equator !!!!!!! Work out your co-ordinates in
      Message 34 of 34 , Mar 5, 2013

        Peter, go to  http://guardian.no-ip.org:88/bpqmap/ChatNetwork.htm ... Notice where you situated ???? … On the equator !!!!!!!


        Work out your co-ordinates in decimal format and then in your BPQ web page in Chat configuration, in “Map Position”, enter your co-ords there .. Mine are “-26.25536 27.92135” … Once you click on “Update Maps”, look at the above URL again and if you got it right, you should be down on that ‘little’ island down deep south *Grin …


        73, Dick ZS6RO.

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