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Re: [BPQ32] Traffic reports

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  • Dave
    Also .... Thanks.... Dave
    Message 1 of 43 , Feb 14, 2013
      Also .... Thanks....

      On 2/14/2013 4:53 PM, K.O. Higgs wrote:



      On 2/14/2013 3:50 PM, John Wiseman wrote:

      If I change it I'll make it configurable.

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      Sent: 14 February 2013 21:37
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      Subject: Re: [BPQ32] Traffic reports


      If you make it "monthly", please make it also still available as a "weekly" report and in the same format as it now is for those of us that find it useful in its present form.

      K.O. n0kfq

      On 2/14/2013 12:56 PM, John Wiseman wrote:
      Making it monthly would be easy enough, but a breakdown by type would need more work. I'll look into it.
      73, John 

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      Sent: 13 February 2013 20:46
      To: BPQ32@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [BPQ32] Traffic reports


      Is there any possibility of setting up the weekly traffic reports to be
      monthly and to break down the messages sent and received by type? (IE: P
      B or T)
      WB2HVF / AFA2HV

      K.O. Higgs 

      K.O. Higgs 

  • bpq@tonola.net.au
    Hi All, To me it sounds like you are proposing a sort of Domain Name server for amateurs. I have no problem with tha,t however what happens when the person
    Message 43 of 43 , Dec 17, 2013
      Hi All,
      To me it sounds like you are proposing a sort of Domain Name server for amateurs. 
      I have no problem with tha,t however what happens when the person running the server gets sick of it. or it uses to much bandwidth. At the moment the "wp servers" are distributed and if one goes off line there is (hopefully) another to seamlessly take over

      What might be more pertinent is to actually look at the possible benefits getting rid of H-routes and utilising amprnet domain names or a normal internet name structure.

      Regards Tony VK3API

      On 12/18/2013 7:51 AM, Sergej wrote:

      Hello, John and group.

      > Any comments for/against would be welcome. Also an indication of whether you
      > would you the system would help.
      > My current idea is that all WP updates would be sent as P messages to a
      > central point which would consolidate them and send out an update to each
      > bbs that subscibes to the system either regularly or on request.

      So, based on central server structure. What other benefits will do server?

      If we will use it only to complete p-mail's full address, it may be easier to
      code in BBS software a request for users to type full address (h-route)
      when sending p-messages to other bbs?
      Its simple... Otherwise message will be indicated as local w/o need to route.

      Indeed, in the internet e-mail system we write address completely,
      such as user@..., but not just user@ or user@dom

      73, Sergej

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