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Re: [BPQ32] ubuntu 10.04

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  • Tommi Holopainen
    Yes now UZ7HO working, just Done Qso with Jouko OH5RM -Tommi
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 3, 2013
      Yes now UZ7HO working, just Done Qso with Jouko OH5RM


      On 03.02.2013 14:12, John Wiseman wrote:

      UZ7HO wasn't in the list of available drivers. However, I've now got it working, so if you download again it should be ok.

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      Hello I get also my system working..only a few ports this moment.
      Some problem with UZ7HO modem, attach command works, and link seems ok with BPQ<-->UZ7HO, but not transmit, or received..traffic shows on UZ7HO window, but not in BPQ


      -Tommi OH7JJT

      On 03.02.2013 00:09, John Wiseman wrote:
      I'm pleased to hear it works
      I've just found that the code wasn't reporting to the node map. If you download again, that should fix it. The current version is .59
      73, John

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      Subject: [BPQ32] ubuntu 10.04


      Hi John & All
      I have the linux version running on my ubuntu 10.04,just a couple of things to do before its live.Ports 2 & 3 are the next part of the project.
      here is a picture of the startup i used to get it running.
      once i have got to grips with more of the setup i will post another message with more info.

      73 de Ken
      G7VJA - GB7COW-3

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