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RE: [BPQ32] Re: BPQTermTCP Keepalive

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  • John Wiseman
    Ah!, TermTCP sends a keepalive every 9 minutes or thereabouts. I ve always used an IDLETIME of 15 mins, which was the default for most TNCs when I stated in
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      TermTCP sends a keepalive every 9 minutes or thereabouts. I’ve always used an  IDLETIME of 15 mins, which was the default for most TNCs when I stated in packet. 420 is too short. 10 mins (600 secs) or above should be fine. I feel 30 mins is a bit long.


      The TNCX KISSOPTION is for use with the BPQKISS version of the TNC-X PIC program. I haven’t released this yet, but the option is in BPQ32 for those testing it.





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      Ive still been experimenting with the Remote telnet and timeout.
      Its a bit difficult at present as I am on holidays now. Back home is the BPQ node. Before I left I increased the Idletime from IDLETIME=420 to 1800. This seems to keep me connected to the Node remotely something like 3-4 hours now which is pretty good.

      I see you have done some changes for the TNC-x in the latest version. Can you explain what this is about in a bit more detail as I seem to have issues with my TNC-x locking up and not recieving every few days. This is probably not a new problem since the new version of BPQ but likely a new problem since I changed the setup recently to a new machine with a different OS. It was running beautifully under Windows ME very stable and now Ive gone across to XP.
      This is All I could find in the changelog but maybee its of interest to me. The TNC-x is running via USB.

      Add TNCX KISSOPTION for TNC-X BPQKISS software (includes the ACKMODE bytes in the checksum)

      Any clues John ? Regards
      Tony VK5AH

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "wavetel1" <wavetel@...> wrote:

      > John,
      > Its about 10 mins or less. This happens on 2 systems both admitedly with
      as good as identical configs. Perhaps there is a non acticity timer of sorts thats comming into play. My config could have something in there as it has been a slow morph originally starting from BPQ16 .
      > Another odd thing Ive found is that on connection I dont actually start to
      receive frames (displayed on the upper screen) until I make an outbound connect then disconnect and then reconnect to the BPQ32 Host. Then it seems to receive ok without having to connect.
      > Just timed the Disconnect. Its 7 mins and 45 seconds or thereabouts. One
      thing that almost fits that is my setting for IDLETIME=420.
      > I did find something about this that you fixed a while back with Fix
      resetting IDLE Timer on Pactor/WINMOR session. Also Send L3 Keepalive messages (KEEPLI) based on IDLETIME
      > May be this IDLETIME has got something to do with it but the timer does
      not quite fit.
      > Any ideas ?
      > Regards Tony VK5AH
      > --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com,
      "John Wiseman" <john.wiseman@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Tony,
      > >
      > > Yes, I quite often leave it connected for quite long periods. How
      long a
      > > period are you talking about?
      > >
      > > _____
      > >
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      > > Subject: [BPQ32] Re: BPQ32_5.2.8.1_20120808 including BPQAPRS is now
      > > available.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > John. Thanks for the advice. Ive enabled the "Chat Terminal
      Mode" now. I
      > > wonder if you have tried this ? I still seem to get disconnected
      after a
      > > while.
      > > I am actually sitting there connected to the BPQ32 Host and just
      > > the channel traffic with no outbound connection and eventually I end
      > > getting disconnected from the host.
      > >
      > > Regards
      > > Tony VK5AH
      > >
      > > ---
      > >

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