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RE: [BPQ32] Re: WinFBB beacon control

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  • Mike Melnik
    HI Charles Ok this setting will send a beacon on BPQ Port 1 First go to Start then click on Run, Next type regedit click ok Click on the Plus mark next to my
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 27, 2007
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      HI Charles


      Ok this setting will send a beacon on BPQ Port 1

      First go to Start then click on Run,

      Next type regedit click ok

      Click on the Plus mark next to my computer, this will expand the registry,

      Click on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

      Expand the Software Key,

      Next expand the GB8BPQ

      Right Click on the BPQ32, this will open a drop down window, go to New and Left click on DWORD,

      You will now see a new entry in the right window pane, type FBBUIMask, next click on any where in the window to

      Add this DWORD.

      Next RIGHT Click on the new DWORD icon select Modify, a Small window will open there should be two selections

      Hexadecimal and Decimal, select Decimal enter 1 again click on any part of the window.


      Close the Registry Editor and restart you’re WinFbb and you will be set.


      What I find about writers of program is they assume you know how to reform these tasks and leave out the full instructions.


      In the future if you need to change the beacon ports here is the easy way to figure it out,


      Open the BPQ Folder run the BPQTerminal.exe click on the Monitor and select the port or ports you want your Beacon to

      Go out on, open the registry as before click on but this time the BPQTerminal/sessions look at the Port Mask

      Then enter the same in the FBBUIMask.


      Feel free to contact me direct by E-Mail for any help.


      Mike Melnik
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      Howdy, Mike!

      On my computer, BPQ32 has COM ports 3,4, and 5. These are BPQ Ports
      1,2, and 3.

      I'm only wanting to beacon on BPQ port 1 ( Com3 )

      I thought about BPQ's virtual COM ports etc. but my old 400Mhz
      Celeron with Win98se is already close to being maxed out. Besides, it
      has five COM ports, so there was no shortage there.

      I've never heard of AGWPE being used on HF, or for networking on any
      band... It's a partially reverse-engineered FlexNet knockoff, without
      the advanced networking features that would be moot for home use

      Don't feel bad about the HF thingy... FlexNet is no bueno on HF
      either. FlexNet is an expert system that is very VHF/UHF oriented, so
      if you put him on HF he acts inappropriately to say the least.

      AGWPE inherited this trait from its daddy.

      I did finally work out a way to make FlexNet work on HF - by
      defeating most of its features. In the end, I concluded that it was
      not worth the trouble.

      The very best performing setup for HF Packet right now, as far as I
      can tell, is BPQ or BPQ32 with MixW.

      73 DE Charles, N5PVL

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups. com, "MIchael Melnik Sr." <mmelnik1@.. .>

      > Hi Charles,
      > I need to know what ports you are using and what port you want to
      > Beacon on?
      > Also just a respone to the Needed Null Modem, BPQ32 has one, it is
      > two part setup first being the Load Device.exe, second is the
      > BPQTNC2.exe, how ever when i experimented with it and MSYS and
      > Terminal i was unable to communicate with Hyper Term, but the port
      > add Via the BPQTNC2.exe DID show up in Hyper Term, May Be
      > John G8BPQ can help us out on this. Your other option for a sound
      > card MODEM would be to allicate an AGWPE Port in BPQ, but it sounds
      > like you are satified with MIXW.
      > Let me know about your port configuration.
      > Mike/N9PMO

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